At Van Horn Precision Technologies we don’t just sell and install precision parts. We also sell and install wear parts on most major manufacturers. We can run your planter through our shop in Cerro Gordo for anything from a simple monitor install to a full rebuild. If you want to do the work yourself we have access to parts for almost anything on your farm. If you’re not close to one of our eleven retail locations throughout Central Illinois we can ship almost anywhere. Please click the email below the vendors and send us a message for what you’re looking for.


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For product inquires or ordering information please email

VH Precision Technologies

Cerro Gordo

Brice Hennings
phone: (217) 519-0267

Rodney Wildman
cell: (217) 855-9386


Tyler Scroggins
cell: (309) 349-5679


Phil Reutter
cell: (217) 402-4014


Craig Roberts
cell: 217-450-7546


Kenny Chenoweth
cell: (217) 855-2819


Sean Bertelsen
cell: (217) 855-7603