Van Horn was originally founded in 1934 to provide the very best in seed genetics to our grower customers, and that commitment is no different today. Seed has become much more than base genetics, as advances in biotechnology and breeding techniques have provided breeders with tools never thought possible a mere generation past. Gene discovery, advanced trait insertion methods, marker assisted breeding, and the ability to access a global germplasm gene pool have drastically broadened the basic platform upon which we can draw to provide the best solutions for our growers. Van Horn is aligned with the best providers of germplasm and traits available today. Furthermore, Van Horn actively researches and tests new hybrids, soybeans, trait platforms, chemistries, and fertility solutions through our own plots, farmer trials, side by side plots, and through partners such as Winfield Solution’s Answer Plot system, Monsanto’s Market Development plots, and many other collaborative projects.

Van Horn has made major investments in our seed warehousing, packaging, treating, and delivery systems to better serve our clientele. Bulk storage, insulated warehouses, computerized on-demand seed treatment, and enclosed delivery trucks and trailers are all part of our infrastructure.

One of Van Horn’s strongest assets is our knowledgeable sales and support staff. We believe knowledge, trust, and integrity are key ingredients in everything we do. We are proud to be employee owned. Van Horn employees tend to stay with Van Horn for a long time; we have several with over 20 years of service.

But Van Horn would be nothing without our valued, loyal customers. We take pride in the length of time we’ve served our clients.